Vapor Couture Arctic Mint Review

When you are a smoker it is often hard to adjust to trying to quit using vapor any method. Many people, like myself love to smoke. I love the flavor, having something to keep my hands and lips busy and I enjoy the flavor. A major draw back for me was the chemicals in the paper and filters. The main stuff that, in my opinion, helps to cause things like cancer and poor health. I wanted to keep smoking and enjoying flavor, but, lesson the dangers. However, flavor is so important to me.

As a former smoker of menthol cigarettes, it was hard for me to adjust to some of the flavors offered by many of the vapor producers. After a friend’s suggestion, I tried the Arctic Mint offered by Vapor Couture. I really loved it. It was the first time I was able to enjoy the fresh, cool menthol like taste in a vapor. I was thrilled. With the flavor cartridges, I like the fact that I can buy just a few or a higher number in the flavors too. This gave me the option of trying the flavor and not feeling like I was stuck with it forever if I didn’t enjoy it. I bought a 5 pack using the best Vapor Couture coupon and now that I know I love it, I’ll buy a higher count of this Vapor Couture Arctic Mint flavor.

Best Vapor Couture CouponAs a smoker the adjustments are hard enough. As a woman, it is even worst. For women like me, these cartridges are very nice. I like the fact that I can customize the colors and look of the cartridge and matching tip. Also another thing I found very cool was the way the package arrived and was designed. The cartridge came in a blister type card. This tells me right away that the product maker cares about taste. The blister card seals out the air which makes the flavor stale or less potent. How important is that? To me it is very important.

One of the features I truly like is that the vapor is a richly flavored, thick vapor. This is very unlike some of the vapors of the same price on the market today. This makes it super easy for me to justify using this brand of vapor above the rest. When it comes to my choice, Vapor Couture Arctic Mint has earned my all time favorite choice award.

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